Сhanakya south movie hindi dubbed download filmywap

Сhanakya south movie hindi dubbed download filmywap

Low stars appear to be in a very interesting motivated pattern. Excellent Movie. Watch it as if you are watching some fantasy sci-fi movie. No logic or no where close to real world. Just a movie. Movie peru mogalirekulu ani pettalsindi, papam Gopichand.. Very good movie. Nice screenplay. One of best movies of Gopichand. Worst movie.. Dont know whats going on.. very boring.. Nice movie, one of the best for Gopi Chand.

One of the best movies of the hero Gopichand. really well made movie and well done Gopichand. I have new respect for your acting skills. Not a fantastic one but much better than many movies with similar theme, no unnecessary famdram.

Agent Arjun (Gopichand) and his team enter the building with relative ease, just as any hero would enter a heavily-guarded villain’s mansion in mainstream movies. A surveillance system that relays images back to the RAW headquarters and some emphasis on how Arjun doesn’t go by rule books (most spy heroes don’t follow protocol, do they?) are the only added dimensions to this mission. The sequence gives us an indication to not expect much from the film.

Quite early in the film, a team of RAW Agents are on a mission to capture Abdul Saleem who’s the brother of Ibrahim Qureshi, a Dawood-like character, who’s shown to be the mastermind behind several terror attacks in India.
Chanakya (Chiranjeevi) is working at the airport as a customs officer. He is the son of an Army personnel (Satyanarayana), who is going to get awarded for his services with Padmashree. Chanakya traces the smuggling racket of Raogopalrao and in their defense, they prove that Chanakya’s father is also a smuggler and he smuggles diamonds. After getting a lot of humiliation, Chanakya vows to prove his father’s innocence and will expose the original culprits. Watch Chanakya Sapatham movie Online. Forget about being crafty or smart, this disappointing movie doesn’t even build enough tension

Nasser plays the RAW chief, Jayaprakash is the home minister and there’s a lot of talk about nabbing Qureshi and his men or thwarting their plans before the next G8 Summit. In between all this, as advised by the vet (Ali), Aishwarya (Mehreen Pirzada) wants to find a mate for her pet dog and pursues the hero because he has a dog of the same breed. He disagrees, she pleads. The bank manager overhears all this and infers it differently. Don’t ask if this banal comedy track adds up in some way to the spy story. At one point, when Mehreen says ‘I am much more mature than you think’, I felt sorry for her.

Chanakya packs in a few familiar tropes of spy thrillers. The Agents lead double lives. Arjun is known to most people as Ramakrishna and works at a bank. His team includes four trained agents, played by Aadarsh Balakrishna, Raja Chembolu, and others. Barring Arjun, the others have families to take care of and they share an easy bonhomie.